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Introduction to Facilities

This page provides an introduction to facilities used by Miyaki in the treatment of anodize.
Miyaki Corporation employees an integrated production system at its independently run group factories incorporating all processes through to final inspection and packaging to ensure speedy and responsible delivery of products of the highest quality.

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Process Chart of Anodize Treatment

Process Chart of Anodize Treatment

Factory Facilities

An introduction to factory facilities used by Miyaki Corporation.

  • Fully Automated Anodize Treatment Apparatus

    No. Owned・・・・・・・・5 units
    Max. Processing Dimensions・・・・・L1200×D1000×W400(mm)

  • Manual Anodize Treatment Apparatus

    No. Owned・・・・・・・・2 units
    Max. Processing Dimensions・・・・・L600×D600×W400(mm)

  • Treatment Apparatus for Test Development

    No. Owned・・・・・・・・1 set

  • Waste Water and Emission Treatment Apparatus

    No. Owned・・・・・・・・2 set

Factory Facilities

Measuring Instruments

An introduction to measuring instruments used by Miyaki Corporation.

  • Membrane Thickness Meter
  • Hardness Scale Tester
  • Surface Roughness Tester
  • Microscope (for surface analysis)
  • Inner/outer Diameter Micrometer

Measuring Instruments

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