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Miyaki is dedicated to solving the diverse needs of its customers with leading surface treatment technology. Want more lubrication, Want to lighten weight, Excessive wear, Excessive corrosion, Want more hardness, Want insulation

Miyaki is a specialist anodize manufacturer armed with a full lineup of products that can answer the kind of problems and needs listed above. We are ready to propose customers with the optimum solution based on many years of accumulated experience and know-how.
Please start by consulting us about your specific requests and needs.

Meeting Various Needs with Special Anodize

We offer a range of technologies including standard and hard anodize, Kashima Coat, color anodize, and other special anodize products.

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Proposal of the Perfect Surface Treatment

We can propose the perfect surface treatment for almost any aluminum alloy from cast metal and die casts, through to wrought materials.

Employed in Various Fields

Extensively utilized by various automobile manufacturers and a diverse range of fields including motorcycles, outboard motors, industrial equipment, precision instruments, and production facilities.

  • Four-wheel Vehicles

    Four-wheel Vehicles

  • Two-wheel Vehicles

    Two-wheel Vehicles

  • Outboard Motors(Boat Propulsion Unit)

    Outboard Motors

Miyaki’s special anodize is also utilized by a wide variety of other parts.

Trade Enquiries from Overseas Manufacturers

An increasing number of trade enquiries are coming in manufacturers based outside of Japan.

FOX Factory, Inc.

The world-renowned American bicycle suspension manufacturer Fox Racing chooses Kashima Coat.

We also receive a regularly number of trade enquiries from Malaysia, France, and countries throughout Europe.
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To Individual Customers

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