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Extensive Lineup Realizes Customer’s Ideal

We realize our customers’ ideal through the implementation of supreme technology and optimum methods based on more than 30 years of accumulated know-how in the field.
Miyaki’s technology is the spark that ignites new possibilities.

  • Kashima Coat

    An introduction to the lubricated anodizing Kashima Coat - combining light weight and high precision - currently used extensively by major manufacturers everywhere.

    Kashima Coat

  • Vill12

    Crack resistant! Vill12 is a new special anodizing treatment for ADC12 designed to transform die cast parts into functional parts.


  • Kuro Dize

    An introduction to hard anodizing Kuro Dize designed to protect aluminum with a strong film that is extremely wear and weather resistant.

    Kuro Dize

  • WR Coat

    WR Coat is a water repellent, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, and insulting super electric-proof compound anodizing capable of withstanding even the harshest of environments.

    WR Coat

  • MD Process

    An introduction to MD Treatment, high corrosion resistance anodizing with an extensive track record in the field of marine parts.

    MD Process

  • Anodizing / Hard Anodizing

    In addition to special anodizing, we also accept orders for standard anodizing and hard anodizing.

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