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Absolute Quality, Absolute Customer Satisfaction

Expanding our Customer’s Horizons with Anodizing Treatment.
Providing Never-Before-Seen Quality.

Each and every employee is dedicated to providing customers with products of excellent quality that meet their specific needs.

Triple Check System for Peace of Mind

Industrial goods such as automobile parts demand sub-micron precision.
The triple check system facilitates the supply of quality products that customers have come to expect from Miyaki.

Triple Check Process

Triple Check Process

Employee Education

No shortcuts are taken in employee education at Miyaki.
Everything we do is for increased customer satisfaction.

  • 1Getting the Little Things Right

    At Miyaki, we believe that high quality product creation stems directly from little things like greetings and other daily interactions. Proper greetings and customer interaction skills are practiced at every morning meeting, with senior staff members leading by example.

  • 2Education for all Workers

    Miyaki handles some 8,000 different kinds of products, many of which require special care and attention during procedures such as masking. That’s why Miyaki has prepared brief one point lessons for each of its products.

  • 3Routine Quality Patrols

    The Quality Assurance Division conducts routine quality patrols to check if work rules are being followed.

Employee Education

A Plethora of High Precision Measuring Instruments

The management of solution concentration directly affects anodizing film quality.
Uncompromising Miyaki quality is an integral part of everything we do.

Automatic titrators and absorptiometric analyzers are used to analyze the solution concentration and streamline the workflow.

No shortcuts are taken with the testing of final products either. A full array of micrometers, non-destructive film thickness meters, hardness scale testers, surface roughness testers, and microscopes have been introduced to meet all customer needs ranging from basic measuring through to cross-sectional observation. Please enquire about the failure analysis of defective units.

Process Design

Ideal pretreatment and electrolysis conditions are set in accordance with each customer’s demanded specifications. All divisions are involved in repeated discussions about the production process from the very first business transaction with a customer. Our process design goes beyond quality assurance to include delivery and cost reduction considerations.

Trust from Customers

We have been awarded the High Quality Trophy as a sign of appreciation from our many customers, a direct reflection of daily quality-related efforts.
Miyaki will continue its pursuit of high quality product creation while staying in close contact with customers.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Acquisition

In addition to ISO 9001 - aimed at the realization of improved customer satisfaction and ongoing improvements of the quality management system – we have acquired ISO 14001 – an environmental management system aimed at reducing environmental risk and combining management and environmental contribution. Miyaki endeavors to implement world-class product creation that successfully takes the environment into consideration.
(only applies to Head Office Factory, No.2 Factory)

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